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A computer server with colorful lights

Algo Bots

Deep in the dark recesses of a content server farm, here we have a rare glimpse of the worker bots of an esteemed recommendation algorithm. They churn and they churn, watching and ingesting and recommending, trying to help each other do their best work. Even algorithm robots can learn something. BEEP BIP BOOP.

Alicia sits in a dark room

Secret Southeast Asia Traveler Society

You know that friend who comes back from a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia and is like, suddenly enlightened? But you're not sure if they actually "found themselves," or if this was just maybe the first time they've set foot outside of Western culture? Yeah, this skit is about them.

A pharmaceutical rep and a man, not talking

Not Talking

From the medical thought leaders of Man Francisco, a new miracle cure is quickly gaining popularity: Not Talking! It’s safe, easy, and effective, so what are you waiting for? Ask your doctor if Not Talking is right for you.

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Disheveled Sarah is upset at Dan in the bathroom

The Allegations

Meet Sarah. She works at LegitCoin (a stealth crypto startup building a centralized version of Bitcoin), with her work spouse, Dan. But something's up with Dan, and Sarah wants to know what. What's he hiding?

Layla overhears a conversation that makes her worried

Where Are All the Good Men?

Dating in San Francisco is hard for women. Yes, the odds are good, but the goods are mostly grown-ass men who still can’t take care of themselves, as the saying goes. But this city attracts tons of smart people who want to change the world, so where are all the good men? Is it possible they just… don’t survive?

A mediator runs a support group

Snoopers Anonymous

It's hard to give up, we know. The feeling of power, the rush you get when you find something juicy... but what do you do when the snooping starts to get out of control? When it becomes your whole life? Well, in Man Francisco, you join a support group. Naturally.

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What is Man Francisco?

"Man Francisco," the kind-of-half-joking-but-actually story of San Francisco, is a new comedy miniseries. Written and based in San Francisco, Man Francisco is what would happen if the love child of Portlandia and Silicon Valley was raised by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. From tech, to dating, to just trying to make it here ♬ in the greatest most expensive city in the world ♬, this series of comedy sketches touches on all of the ridiculous characters and fanfare that make up daily life in San Francisco.

Meet the team

Alex in front of a sinkhole on Mission Street - Photo by RJ Huijsman

Alex Feldman

Creator, Writer, Co-Producer

Alex has lived in San Francisco for over five years, working in tech and moonlighting as a director and performer. She's created such theatrical productions such as "Dropbox: The Musical" and "ACAFYRE," a Fyre Fest-themed A Cappella show. She co-runs Internote, a Bay Area a cappella group, has performed in local theater productions such as "SoMA: The Musical," and recently created and performed a one-man show at The Marsh. Man Francisco is based on her experiences living and working in tech in San Francisco.

Robin Feldman - @bobsian on Instagram

Robin Feldman

Editor, Director, Co-Producer

Robin has been working in Hollywood doing various types of production work since 2011. She's filmed and produced music videos, indie films, and since 2013 has been working in commercial production. Outside of her production career, Robin is also a seasoned musician. She's been in numerous rock bands based out of L.A., writes songs, plays numerous instruments (but guitar is her favorite), and also does audio production. She joins her twin sister, Alex, as co-producer on Man Francisco, and is the primary editor.

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We know, we know. You have questions, and you want answers. Like, what is Man Francisco? How many sketches are you filming? Will there be cats? (I was told there would be cats!) If you're one of those with wondering eyes, we'd be happy to answer any of your questions.

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